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Threesome mad fucking rabbit

Threesome mad fucking rabbit

He more or less abused her. On the sofa ripped her clothes off. Shamed her in front of me sitting by her. I sensed the aura of a dominant doing his thing and she squirming and he pushing harder til she succumbed and squealed. By that time her tits were out, her polkadot bra rode up to her chin, she was opening and closing her eyes. “Are you ok?” she asks. “Yes, don’t worry”, as I just took her head and rested it in my lap. Unzipped and go my cock out as he frigged her pussy like a three prodded gun of fingers, sharply. “She so wet” he says smiling. “mmmm”, she sucks my cock. SHe wasn’t up for it downstairs, in bed she wanted to cum. Tore clothes off fucking her deep as she grabs his cock and as he’s a voyeur apparently he was just getting off watching us, his wife and me, fucking; too drunk to cum I pound and pound and splurt all through her, and then he mops her up. “so much” he says, a doctor he is, so anyway, He doggies her as she kisses me.