Patchwork of temporal realities


Virgin flowers

Virgin flowers.

Virgin flowers


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Virgin flowers

She came down the stairs to take her bow

To clapped-up toy-boys dressed as peasants

Seeing just one red line above the audience

Telling her she wans’t

The oohs and ahas

She wans’tguessing or painting a deceit

Or in a rehearsal, but looking at her feet

She saw a clutch of sweet peas with a note.

The orchestra broke-out into the the epilogue

Smelling of sweet meats at the after-feast

And the curtains gave a warning

Like a guillotine promoted to jury

Opening on her destiny just when she though it lost

The witnesses were yelling for more

Proof from the forlorn defendant

Resistless to take the mote, out of their eye,

With her wan little smile

Just a little while more

The stage flooded with lava bouquets

And corny deliverance

For what she hadn’t even asked for

Her slippers worn just as her soul

The boards and her toe

Crowds said hello

In snorting tones of everglow

She wondered the deceased

In their folds

Of Roman Emperors and Tuscan fields

From the chalice she could not hold

To sip the vapours

Of the life of Lords she had settled for

The backs had turned

And after the summoned applause

Could she ask more

For one with a forgotten Soul

That nothing keeps but dreamery?

The clutch she held

With a forgotten farewell

She read and it said

” Meet mee in the afterworld

Or the bottom of the abyss”

She held the virgin flowers for a kiss

Of the softly pollened smell

To resist the knowledge of the giver

As the rest of the note does tell:

“My love for you is tender


And thus The virgin flower giver

Had made her dream so well


Willy and Puss-puss kiss

Willy and Puss-puss kiss.

i am so impatient
i want to see you naked under me
be naked with you
rub with you

and you rub your nipples on my back

and the innevitable
like when i lay on you

and i just feel willy there
and touching pussy
kissing you
and touching your boobies
and licking them
just that touch of willy on puss-puss
you know
they kiss
for the first time
and then he forces entrance
sort of
and then
i cannot describe properly
you accept
and he pushes
and it may be even a bit painful for you i guess
but nice
a sort of tiny spasm in the vaginal wall
as he goes through
and pain on the cervix
before flames rise
through you
and you let go
of the monster
that becomes
a genie
and a garden
and your whole uterus dilates even
and the opening widens
to accept me
it’s amazing
to be inside you
with the curve on your frontal wall
that pushes down then goes up
so will hits the back
and then pushes up
to the back wall
and lifts up
to touch the front
and nibbles the entrance
and can project
into it
all you moistness
every part
getting you to do a shoulder stand
to feel your front wall
pounding down
and turning around
to just slide along the back
with your legs up
so deep
and your smell and liquid gush out
it’s a perfection
that signals something else
that we possess
and hold each other still
not ever getting enough
of kisses
and penetration
because it is just our playground
for even more serious and gorgeous matters

to come
i feel puss-puss
right now
a bit attentive
willy loves her already
and can gorge in her love
making her wet
she parts herself
for him
so wide, so willingly
as you sit on me
and my hands on your hips guide
back and forth
so that i feel inside
and round and round
with clittie on my pubes
back and forth
so willy is massaging the cervix
as mommy loves it
clicking almost
off and on
and engaging
the most powerful
gush from the uterus
the region
of origin
of woman
and man
the lights
all green and red
as willy surrounds her
and scrapes her
and wants more
and Daddy touches your breasts
and wants to kiss you
and you look into his blue eyes
and he into yours
and kisses your lips
and says
I love you
and our tender hips
keep moving
in the solace of beauty
and our union
as our tongues flick each other
and we cum
so peacefully
into you
and you feel everything
in the moment of conception
you know
of that feeling
of openness
you know already
i can feel you baby
grinding on me
i look in your eyes again
and smile
don’t look so serious
kiss me
i love you too
your lips are soft
i lick your teeth
your front ones
then plunge my tongue into your mouth
you leave your tongue placid
and i play along it
licking it
side to side
and put my mouth over yours
cover it
and our tongues both start moving
to get the smooth side
and back
to feel the walls
and we drool
out the sides of our mouths
and look in surprise at each other
and laugh
and hug each other hard
and heave
as our spirits
light the room
with butterfly’s mists
of pastel pink
and light turquoise
with the patio doors
wide open
and the curtains occasionally
moving their bottom
in step with the breeze
i love you


new outfit

new outfit

ok, this is gay, but i’m showing you what spontaneous shopping looks like. Hat is really cool for the sun, supr wide floppy brim, comfortable, steady quality, 6.99 Mountain Warehouse, putney high.
I didn’t try any of these following:

Calvinn Klein stripy t-shirt ( usually i wear ONLY long-sleeved… tracks… but also skinny) 29.99

Jeans By Wrangler. Button fly. 39.99

SHoes by dice, sort of blue suede boat shoes. 29.99

Basucally i was feeling like shit and this cheered me up… a bit. Now watching women’s final wimbledon. I miss my Catnip too. Fuck. Maybe if I am jsust myself and don’t give a shit shéll see i’m safe. Rapper attitude. See how long that lasts.

My heart, heavy with Poppers whisky and pills

My heart, heavy with Poppers whisky and pills

heavy with Poppers Whiskey and Pills
I feel an imminent problem coming on
Such heaviness
As though the earth stood still
Yes to be I have become

Yet to be you have become
An angel
You will not lose what I gave
We will not lose
But we have lost

You told me to come over
And then didn’t show
What a shame
For us

I will walk by the river
Find some breakfast
To mend
This heavy burden

Look at the river
To remember us
And smoke
And buy a cider
And drink it by the river

I’m not too upset with you
I wonder if you might have done better
Probably what you did is alright
Sort of.

MIA, you say, yesterday
Whilst that was not true
You will need to learn
And there are not many
Here to tell you

I’ve lost my will a bit
I’ll get it back
It doesn’t make that much sense
Without us
That I could cry

But hey, maybe that’s the way
maybe that shows


Oh well
I will walk by the river

That’s a shame


That you could not do better than that

That you went and snitched on me again.

It means that we are impossible

More than ever before.

I saw you yesterday

More beautiful than I’d remembered

It’s not you’re fault

You did want you knew

In this subtle game

It is all about you

But when you take that mask off

You will know what you have missed-out on

One day you will know

That it was possible for you

That a place was made

If only you’d kept your mask

And led your heart

To be honest and open

You would have found it within yourself

To set yourself free