re-blogged via Lapping.


Pressing her legs wide,

Lips on inner thighs glide,

Waft of excitement,

A heady enticement,

Lifting up her thighs,

So on your shoulders lies,

Just inches away,

Bending forward to play,

Your lips press to hers,

Tender pleasure confers,

Suck fat outer lips,

Spread them with fingertips,

Suck pink inner ones,

As her sleek nectar runs,

Pushing tongue inside,

Her groans she cannot hide,

Your head she grabs for,

As she implores for more,

Tongue pressed deeply in,

Juices run down the chin,

As you lap them up,

Searching for more to sup,

Thighs hold you tighter,

As she bucks in rapture,

Drinking juice that flows,

Until her trembling slows.


via Lapping.


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