My dear Boy,
Today you must realize, again, we have told you, not to give yourself to people who do not deserve your respect.
There are very few out there, and so far you have not met that many. You will start now to cover yourself in cloaks that we’ll supply, we’ve had enough of you being torn apart when you reveal yourself.
There are arcs in relationships and at the apex you have to see where the fulcrum tips. If action heavier on your side, is the other person now too late to play catch up, when the tide has turned?
You are our Little One. We have seen you grow. Although we did find you a love, we are so sorry that you have again been misled, manhandled and that all that you have given was not returned. The balance tips though, and in our words that you’d transmitted, there were 6 months.
What has not been given now, cannot be made up for. We will teach you to hide now, from things you do not deserve, and whom do not deserve you.
Be strong Little One, our Blessing is yours, and that you’ve known all along.
D. + S.


2 thoughts on “Untruth

  1. Sometimes we get melancholy. It is just a part of life. Sadness is an expression in shades of blue, just what we feel when we are down. Sometimes it is despair, hopelessness, or just a sense that we are all alone. Sometimes we all feel that way from time to time, so in that sense we are never really alone.
    Things may look bleak now, but they will get better. i will think and identify and perhaps try to find some comfort in your special words. I just feel so unowned somewhat displaced. Thanks for your support.

    1. You feel unowned. It is not your fault. I think a lot of women have jumped onto this bandwagon after 50 Shades. I’ts become a trend. No doubt you have had feelings before for this, though the real you has behaved more like a fem dom to me than a sub. maybe you are a switch. I did not wait for 50 shades to get into kink, and you know, if you want a master, then you have to make sure that they know. You have to be somewhat consistent or your master will have no choice but to fly, as much as that would pain him.

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