Virgin flowers

Virgin flowers.

Virgin flowers


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Virgin flowers

She came down the stairs to take her bow

To clapped-up toy-boys dressed as peasants

Seeing just one red line above the audience

Telling her she wans’t

The oohs and ahas

She wans’tguessing or painting a deceit

Or in a rehearsal, but looking at her feet

She saw a clutch of sweet peas with a note.

The orchestra broke-out into the the epilogue

Smelling of sweet meats at the after-feast

And the curtains gave a warning

Like a guillotine promoted to jury

Opening on her destiny just when she though it lost

The witnesses were yelling for more

Proof from the forlorn defendant

Resistless to take the mote, out of their eye,

With her wan little smile

Just a little while more

The stage flooded with lava bouquets

And corny deliverance

For what she hadn’t even asked for

Her slippers worn just as her soul

The boards and her toe

Crowds said hello

In snorting tones of everglow

She wondered the deceased

In their folds

Of Roman Emperors and Tuscan fields

From the chalice she could not hold

To sip the vapours

Of the life of Lords she had settled for

The backs had turned

And after the summoned applause

Could she ask more

For one with a forgotten Soul

That nothing keeps but dreamery?

The clutch she held

With a forgotten farewell

She read and it said

” Meet mee in the afterworld

Or the bottom of the abyss”

She held the virgin flowers for a kiss

Of the softly pollened smell

To resist the knowledge of the giver

As the rest of the note does tell:

“My love for you is tender


And thus The virgin flower giver

Had made her dream so well



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