The plumes of Art

The plumes of Art


4 thoughts on “The plumes of Art

  1. Bound, not by rope, chains or restraints, but by the love for a man. I can feel the strength of your love surround me, and as I am enveloped by it, our souls tangle. My emotions overwhelm me and I begin to weep, As the tears roll silently down my cheeks, my eyes are cast downwards in shame.. What can I do to prove my worth? I am filled with the fear of failure, not only of failing you, but myself and the person I long to become.. As you gently wipe the tears from my face, and hold me tightly, I look into your eyes and realize, you are the person that has been missing from my life for so long.. Only with you in my life am I truly complete.. I am yours and I hope that I can show you what you truly mean to me.. All I ask is that you hold me, hold me tightly until the fear subsides…

    1. What we have is very beautiful. I will go on justifying you, what you do. I love you very much.I’m smiling at you. At the girl with the tears in her eyes. She looks at me. She doesn’t know whether to trust me. All I can do is be here. Who I am. Another existence. We are sitting across from each other. I cannot really have an opinion of what has happened, i just look through it. Love is so much bigger.

  2. I gave myself, naively, in real trust to you that satisfied your lust.. And you are not the man that you should be, Accept that to flaunt and vaunt you sins to me. You shattered me by using me to strut your arrogance. Told me you loved me that you lived where you did not. I whored me to your noxious acts that vent from my soul, The truth is so far from your lips.

    1. We have to be careful. You use the word truth as though you knew what it were. we both come from different situations. of course, everybody does. our situations are very different, that’s all. no need to judge. what is love if it imprisons the other?

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