Dark night of the Soul

Dark night of the Soul

Dark night of the Soul

for Catnip from her Daddy.

Through the darkness of the night
Anxious flames of love
Tear through my heart
(the joy I felt!)
Unnoticed I go out
From my house
Where calmness resounds

Cloaked in darkness
I climb the secret ladder
(the joy I feel!)
wrapped in darkness
From my house
Where calmness abounds

In the stillness of the night
In secret I leave to where none can find
Everything is quiet
With no other guide or light
But the love for her inside my heart

She is my only guide
brighter than midday sun
Waiting for me
In the place
I know so well
No-one would find

Ô, night that guides me
More soothing than the dawn
Night that joins
The lover and beloved
The beloved in the lover transformed

Inside the bower of my heart
That for her has kept its flowers
I fall to slumber
And give to her
And soothe her
with a cedar fan of calming thoughts

The breeze from the battlements
Parts her hair
And His strong hand
Tears down my neck
Suspending all my senses

My head on my beloved’s breast
I stay there and forget my cares
everything stops and my spirit swells
In a field of forgotten Lilies

Translated and adapted by Jim Hincklebert,  from “Noche Oscura”, by San Juan de la Cruz.


3 thoughts on “Dark night of the Soul

    1. I love you so much,
      Leaves could fall
      An leave a trace
      Of my remembrance
      Of you in the air

      I’d kiss the air
      For your hair

      When you’re not here
      Our love, a bright trace
      Holds it’s place
      Between and inside

      I don’t hide anymore
      With you my brightest love
      A walk in the garden
      A kiss in the park

      Allusions to the past
      Are so easy
      In our arms
      As our kisses
      Spell our name
      To our hearts
      And writes our love
      In to our SOul

      I love you

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