I looked her in da’ eyes

You might think this a bit tardy. I’ ve been doing what i could to save the hotel staff that are being swatted to hell by madame hh_- a delight. My boy did real well in the race and daddy so proud.
It’s been a while too between us. Our time in the limelight of hard vanilla maybe sluggish passacaglias to Eastbourne melting at the point we needed to face the test. We are so intensely wanting, hanging even onto the blades o f mills that sancho panza put his hands to head. Master, love no reason, so do with love. Haha.!!!
    I’m sunburnt, happy, my little love i remember her face, her body, her smile, her funny ways and i’ m surd it’s as hard for her as me. Just waiting by these angels that Lso are happy to wait, after all what do you think they are up to anywag. My love is my love. Today t races knackered from shouting and being full on wanted my wife there to see me home. Expect me. Be there. Hug me.
The rubbish with the hotel and as my mother put it the double cream on the cake is that the booster for the internet for our wing is in a guests bedroom so they cannot access it til tomorrow first thing. Right….! I dont want my wife to be to think i dont love her cause of missed apostrophes. I love you my bébé. I want you to be my wife.

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One thought on “I looked her in da’ eyes

  1. Tell me sweet nothings that I will never forget and i will tell you I love you is the one thing I will never regret.

    I will love you all of my life and always forever and ever it’s true and if I can do it with these two hands and I will do it for you.

    With you I can move mountains, If thats what you ask it of me, Because I know you love me and I know just what that means. Its everyhing.

    Someday let me tell you a secret about the way you make me feel and he things that you do to me, sometimes it’s so unreal. I love you too.

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