The Light

The Light

The existance, an inevitable vast space
My star shining beneath my skin
Frayed by undone laces of Pain
Where his only emotion exits of dark

Alone sometimes broken and unliberating
A secret heartache with the tears of
lifetime and circumstances and emptiness
Still leave shadows inside of me hidden.

He stalks the dark where i write about him
About loving him so much, that he cannot see
He fires off rhythmic blows of my dark despair
Doubting dark and deep pain he causes me.

Breaking my heart, still as he guides me outward
He aligns my vulnerability with his own
Takes blood and sinks of Universe; where is he
And everyday I battle fight to keep our love.

As if our souls to linger still from Star to Star
Searching for his words he imbeds so lovely in me
Deep seeded needles and lyrics of bloos and wine
I can feel them prick me open, he laughs; I cry.

I am useless refuge, he says I must let it bleed
So we will finally shine and for others and I will see
To our love to forge ahead, simply leave what lays behind
I enclosed myself and open I must release me into thee.

His rages are out of control his soul onto me, absorbed
The petals of his fury now shredded me out of control
I speak of this other life I wish to leave to go to him
To have it over to let it slip over between my fingers.

It is almost over now, mere inkblots and tears, he needs me
Are all that remain is mere poetry, my love do not doubt me
He invokes my of death me, when he is in disbelief, im coming
My submission near complete, but will he believe and soon.

I begin to breath a little more reflection of my lover
With each poem I write, his love, feign his affection
His grace saving me, making love in Moonlight and daylight
All darkness gone I am sliced open, my blood spills into his.

Again in pain I fall and as for me I plummet and I go
Oh how he hurt me, These steps taken I fall to him
Must I always be alone, please do doubt; liberate
My light of love, my heaven and brightest star.


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