Readnips. Omar Khayyam

Readnips. Omar Khayyam

Catnip and I have for along time been discussing authors that we find useful. We have long discussions and our love pores into the lives of men and women that can give us succor and bliss.

Here is a link to a useful glossary of contiguous ( almost) versions of the translation of Omar Khayyam’s great poem of Wine, Love and Song: The Rubbayat:
This will be good for Catnip if she likes certain verses over others to find the equivalent translator.

The most celebrated of these versions by far is be Edward Fitzgerald, and here is a link to a very pleasing online version:

And here is a Kindle illustrated version, a little gift for Catnip:

not sure how tech-savvy Catnip is, but she can just copy into Documents folder of Kindle

I love you Catnip,

Daddy Darling.


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