You’re my baby, that’s it

You're my baby, that's it

Even if you think I’m being mean
You don’t really think
I’ll ever believe you again

Even though I live for you
you don’t really think
that I knew
but I do

You’re my heart
You’re the little one
that tore me apart
and that
put me together again
I’m humpty
and you are his men

you didn’t really believe
that I would
be that man
towering clean
in your place
without his own face
to wear

what living is
I do for you
and for me

this is what I am
a man with a limit
I am not big Stan the man
with his great big smile
getting fucked by you
and thinking it’s cool
no… no, no no

look baby, this is me
it’s not much
but it’s true

as true as I love you


3 thoughts on “You’re my baby, that’s it

  1. I hope maybe one day we will share
    To be able to see the world
    With you and in the way you do

    And if i should be
    So lucky as to k i s s your lips
    I would sing out love

    To nestle in comfort you
    To the deepest, darkest cracks that you
    thought were too broken

    Because i would love
    to mend your torn angel wings.
    i want you to soar

    And as for me ..
    I would hold you in my arms forever
    And love you more than anyone ever dared.

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