She is too hot to handle
Too cold to come near
Too cute to get angry
Too nice to play

SHe’s catnipness
Always happy
Always close to her Daddy
She’s mine

And even when she\s naught
I love her all the more

Because then I know
It ‘s not just fools galore


One thought on “Catnipness

  1. Magic Nutmeg

    Oh I am a tabby kitten
    Fairest kitten in all the land
    Hanging out waiting for you
    Or in a pair of boxer briefs

    But I had to go roam for awhile
    My name is Magic Nutmeg
    I am a Tom after all,and do magic tricks
    But i got tired, entertaining ya’ll

    Oh, I miss my dear nutmeg said Catnipness
    So kind, to see you at my show Nutmeg said
    Come home, I miss you, Lets make magic at home
    Let;s have kittens and watch them grow

    But soon I knew she was right
    If I did it again, I would deter
    From ever leaving her, I Magic Nutmeg
    I hobbled home to be with her.

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