As i see her world

As I see her World

And her hiding inside

Her inability to break free

I am pushed back onto myself

Passed the broken promises

I those I know will not be kept


I do not feel sorry for myself


As I see unfairness being doled-out

OK, so it involves me

Big deal

I can cope with whatever is thrown at me

Though it means one thing

I will not feel sorry for myself


As I wake in the morning

With no outer signs of love from her

With a mess at work

A mess in my house

Nothing accomplished

In the past 6 months

Apart from making a fool of myself

I only have myself to blame

Even if others didn’t really help too much

I can only take it clean

As I don’t feel sorry for myself


i was given this destiny

she feels too high to bend

she has helped me

though never given me

what any man would want

she cannot even write


on an old typewriter

and post

from another town

so I’ve got to think

what i’m really worth

And not feel sorry for myself


This is it matey

you’re alone in this

not respected by colleagues

you are protecting yourself

from the next time she turns away from you

Or leads you on to believe

that something is possible

in the physical world

I am not being hard of hear

I love you

And always will

But because I don’t want to feel sorry for myself

I won’t now bend to your every whim

I m perhaps the most alone of men



But I won’t feel sorry for myself



2 thoughts on “As i see her world

  1. You give up so easily… when i was just getting warm.
    “hark, now hear the sailors cry,
    smell the sea, and feel the sky
    let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”
    ― Van Morrison

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