Wait, i’ve got to unbuckle my shoes…

Wait, i've got to unbuckle my shoes...

Reading her, although it had nothing to do with sex, maybe a bit  about us, made me start to feel hot-crotched. Even after last night’s epic fail, our complete mésentente, the total disillusionment brought on by her telling me she could not see me for another 3-4 months, I was still feeling aroused by her thought.
OK, she did put on a comment that she agreed to the marriage, but again, no date, no certainty, the usual carrot dangling.
But even that just gave me a little hope. Got me out of the complete trance/ fucked-upness/ dry to the bone Soul experience of being at the bottom of a cliff with piece of dental floss to help me get up.
My mind balanced out, for that glimpse at her accession, and I got my dick out, first closing the curtains- getting on the bed, wedging my laptop open between myself and the dog that was looking at me as a shield to her curiosity.
I started pumping myself thinking of her, thinking of her pussy, and just contacting her, letting her know I was cumming for her. She told me to wait, went to her bedroom, to get undressed. I could barely wait.
” Are you ready?”
“Wait I’m just unbuckling my heels” Those patent white high heels she was wearing with see through white stockings and her white summer dress with a Matisse-like pattern of Klein blue.
Finally, I felt her on the bed, her pussy hot, not just from this summer weather, opening-up in relief and letting herself breathe and collect the cool air, released from her silk creme panties.
We lost no time, I started jacking off, looking at her, and as much as I didn’t want to, loving her.
“I want you”
” Yes, I love you—- tell me you love me baby”

I caught myself before i did, in a force of restraint on my emotions. But then as I glanced harder on my stiff cock and came closer to her mouth it came out in spite of me

“I love you…” I half whispered trying to muffle it.

It is so easy to know we are in love and belong together in these sorts of moments, our sex so easy and glamorous and covered in the afterthought of a perfume ad. Our luxury stretching to each other, grasping yet barely needing to grasp at our pure eroticism.

“My baby, I’m going to cum”I tell her “I want you” I was looking at her, the object of my desire, but more even , my love Soul, my Soul mate that knows me so well, I was going to cum on her, her knowing that my orgasm was near, watching, letting her fingers fly over her clit as her mouth contorted slightly, as she parted her lip from under her thigh to then move her fingers up and down her slit, fast, smooth and and delicate.
“Oh baby”I cried, getting closer, not letting my eyes off her in her cool dress.
“O yes she cried, take me, her fingers and hand pressed down in fervour on her pussy, as she started writhing and gasping “….aaaaaaah….aaaaaah..”

The time was nigh, I focused all I could on her, smashing my cock and squeezing it as I penetrated her Soul. “oh yes, I’m cumming baby…”
She didn’t answer already cumming herself, her blonde hair thrown over her face, eyes closed.


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