There are times

garçon aux fleurs



There are times when I lose hope, I can’t figure-out how we’ll ever be together, how it will work, how you will adapt to my life or me to yours. This happened this morning, but quickly that feeling was dispelled. I know that there is a plan here that is not dependent entirely on us, and that we are part of a bigger process and that we need to work together to complete this, and that this is not a burden, on the contrary, it is just very good news.

I am so in love with you, and it is mixed in with a sense of purpose too, the sense of our lives, and of our love. Often, it would seem that we do not have to be together often to accomplish our relationship, and indeed all the other little tasks we do for the bigger picture. My intuition though is that we have based our relationship on the premise that we would be together, and that we are able to perhaps fulfil each other and our love because of that; because we are going towards eventually being a couple.

How it will work out I do not know. We have waited a long time. We could stay connected for a long time. We will, because somehow there are not many of us around that do what we do, or would even be able to.  Anyway, the similarities between us are striking, as also are our differences. I love you; somewhere in my heart is yearning; somewhere hope, somewhere the certainty that we will be alright. Somewhere the knowledge that we will both also be alright in our quest for redemption and grace, and that we can only do this together. All else is second to this, whether we are physically together or not will just depend on whether it works. Perhaps once the tools we are using now wear-out we will be forced to; perhaps there will be a definite purpose for us to come together under one roof…. My eyes are peeled, and indefinitely too, my love force you abounds in streams that flow, to you my love, my companion, my heart. I love you.


One thought on “There are times

  1. In that moment, we became one.
    It was mere seconds, we were infinite
    He wanted me, his way of telling me
    I want you and I desire and need you
    Don’t you know by now, anyway I can

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