A day to

A day to

`Today has been a day to regress
To no longer hide what’s wrong
What’s incompatible
What the deep feelings are

To let settle
To feel inadequate to task
To regret
To ask


It’s hard when you love someone
But somehow everything you do
Comes back at you
Creates that feeling of dejection
Of entitlement

I often wonder
Is this even meant to be
So many obstacles
So many games played
That I am lost

What is to be
Holding not much Solace
Hope then is squashed
The avenues have all be topped

So really, to wait,
To have the decency
To analyze
The deeper runs of feeling
And not block


One thought on “A day to

  1. To the evening of my days
    Little bird who stays in the trees
    In her garden, listening to his stories
    I think I’ll wait there somewhere too

    Where he has fallen and i wait
    As she tries to lick his wounds, to love
    There are so many he is ever changing
    Confusion why, does he still hide

    The way he changed his name
    Who he is, his life of solitude
    When autumn comes to his life
    Will he have a life of alone, no peace

    Or place Jasmine in her hair
    Sip tea with me by the sea or dry
    He had loved and longed to love her
    The thought of why he waits for me

    To never ask the time or place
    When or why if they were meant
    To love together or far apart
    What will you do for her love

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