X and Y and being different

You know babes, there’s a bunch of girls thinking they’d be my wife. Your admission to X & Y, well, that’s your NEED. You realize that all that you are fantasizing I have done don’t you, ages ago. You need that now, it’s cool, have it. I don’t need  it. I need us. And cool if you don’t need US because anyway it’s US.

So will I find me a wife, a little kitten that speaks French and could help me in the job. Huhm, well, I’m apparently quite eligible. More than I knew really. Maybe I SHOULD have an affair, feel what it feels like to knob someone and think of you after or during.I don’t know. I understand you. It’s totally warranted, I’m sure it’s great. You need that. I don’t so I ‘m just going to say what will make my day work for me.

Yes, Kitten No: 1. Blonde aquiline nose, tits, wide hips, camel toe, cute bush, fucking awesome linguist doing a project on Tarot wording. Conferences set-up.Drop-jaw. Has boyfriend met him. Cool he knows, He’s a player

Kitten No: 2. Brunette, bob, slim, ultra slim, B cup, shy, met in London, she comes here every month.

Little one 3. Lexy. the famous Lexi. Everyone knows her. Writes porn for teenagers. Whoops.

that’s all.

Good’day Ma’m.



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