My sense of us

My sense of us

years ago we met
20 years ago
we said hello
and held her hand
in her ballroom gown
like sweet boy holding sweet girl

22 years later we meet again
at a party
we sing dance play
and we fall in love
almost immediately

I lose myself
call her
she doesn’t answer
we meet again

in time
maybe tomorrow
maybe tonight
next week
if more than a year I was told
will not, but who knows maybe
I can’t see this fading

thought she came over
the other day
said hello
we kissed played
but really we wanted to have that conversation

Shall we take this forwards up
to stars, commit
I will

She sat down with tears
streaming down her face
I took her kissed
and said the only
thing that came through my head
“This is us”


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