My sense of her

My sense of her

Years ago we passed each other
Said hello
i knew her, she knew me

20 years later our Fates meet
We are brought together
By a n attraction
We now live together

It’s more than love
It’s vollition
My every movement tingles her
I n every thought I say to her
I want to be yours

She is there, she waits
For her signal
A train departs
A slow train home
Across the river

We will be forever
We live in a dream
Our connection is strong
We move into the other

We are not together
We’re apart
So when the brooch
Is clasped
Will the clasp
Catch our hearts
With it?

We wait, we depart
We see together
but apart
We love each other
even with the husk
of burnt out love

A weekend of thrusting
flowers into jars
to calculate
the damask needed
for our valiances

i see her at the bridge
she waiving
I run
to the side she’s walking to
but she’s not there!

I run across,
look both ways,
some feet I chase
I tap on a shoulder

it’s her!
I found
but it
was just
a dream.


One thought on “My sense of her

  1. To her, it was life at its finest for now,
    There were no more boundaries

    He had clenched her heart
    Stilling his thrusts,
    he claimed her and she him
    to make her whimper.

    He pressed her
    She tempered his strength
    to the cool surface beneath him.

    the flush of arousal shuddered
    through him.

    Making him succumb harder
    to the grueling sensations
    churning through his mind.

    Often times only she could
    properly calm him.
    Sometimes unpredictable.

    Since when do you care
    about my pleasure he gasped,

    You know I would never leave you
    with a rock solid hard-on, she said.

    With a thrust i tore through him
    His prostate far too sensitive
    to handle, So I just gave him
    The pleasure and he was
    satisfied for the moment.

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