Now I have seen, also knew, that our love would survive anything
Whether you will agree that now we have to take it to us and live each moment in the present in and for love, regardless of time or place, situation or circumstance is partly up to you
At a certain point ‘remaining in bud is more painful than flowering’
Our love is indestructible, and we move forth now
You are unique, we are not lost, our journey begins, of a thousand miles with our first kiss
When I touch you lips, our life begins


One thought on “Living

  1. You are my refuge and strength
    Ever-present help
    Therefore we will not fear
    Though the earth give way
    And the mountains fall
    Into the heart of the sea
    Though its waters roar and foam
    And the mountains quake with their surging
    There is a river whose streams
    Make glad the city
    The holy place where the Most High dwells.
    God is within her,
    She will not fall
    ~psalm 46

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