Just ithink

fulcrums are nigh

you talk aboutmany things

you show

youloveme in everything

support me

love me

about everything


except you don’t think you’re good enough

that\s a shame


because itdon’t allow us anything

for that one thing in your brain

a worthless flob in your thinking




One thought on “Just ithink

  1. Then there was you. And I started thinking. What if I stayed? What if I aged and died like everyone else and went back to that place. Went back, well, I glanced down a second before glancing back up, with you.

    I smile. I’m still trying to comprehend that you are back, that you standing right next to me. It’s hard to accept. But I want to take it.

    You reach out a hand out towards her. I don’t want to corner her, trap her. She can always walk away if she wants.

    She returns my smile. She takes my hand. Just ask me to stay.

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