Never had a L D R before

It’s a first for me so I am wondering about the dynamics as compared to normal. What happens when the fire only glows and stops raging. When a personis there physically maybe it’s more of a reminder. A comfort. A joy. Is LDR purer? It’s windswept.

I’m just a bit lost. Sapped by work. When I got home today at 8 just numb, couldn’t tell. I miss her. I love her. Were we to end somehow LDRs have that fork in the road so immediate. No-one has to leave.
   I usually feel better active. Gives me life to give to her. Were she here therd would always be something to do. Closeness to bring. Projects, real ones. As it is i talk to clones and even though I appreciate the effort and remedy it’s acting. I got t i red of acting. The rehearsals, the fCes, the zteps, markers, other actors. Not a biggie just saying. With fantasies you don’t stop until you fulfil every one that really counts. You cAn’t. With love you can’t stop until it doesn’t hurt. Love in a normal relationship undsrgoes change, has to. So what about an LDR, will I start making two cups of tea and whistle in the shower whilst she warms the bed for my return?

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One thought on “Never had a L D R before

  1. a beautiful person will come into your life and they will kiss you until you are not numb but burning against their tongue and when they leave all you can do is repeat the word ‘stay’ over and over to the rhythm of their pulse

    Your bones will become branches that turn inward around you and you won’t look up at the sky waiting for the colors to change anymore now you see the sun set in their eyes and you wake up to moon colored skin cratered against him.

    And you crystallize and grow like elastic and your eyes feel soft and passing days turn into moments you tie around your finger because you can’t let yourself forget

    That love is good and somewhere in this twisted place there is a life for us so brilliant and bright it will blind us someday.

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