Here is the truth

I was being guided, although we were very attracted, in the path of love, something else in my life was crucially fucked-up, I had to cover it up. When you said we would be engaged, the spirits that guide me ( yes very weird) told , me , pushed me, to get you, beyond the natrual course of love
and they played on my obsessive nature
so what you saw was not me, well you saw me behind that mask
the part that loved you
loves you
but essentially I got the idea in my head that it HAD to happen and that I was not going to wait
also I was told by them that our affair would just be a trace, it would never happen
it was a smokescreen
but the more we advanced, it becasme obvious that they were building on my reverese psychology
( I have reverese psychology)
and that in fact I probably would not have been so fucked and desperater had they not, and perhaps you would have got away
I know this is fucksville sounds like madness, but it’s my only real problem, I have reverese psychology, like you I think
I am still unsure of everything, whether we’ll meet up , get married, but my intuition is that we will

One thought on “Here is the truth

  1. My blood,
    No longer do I cry
    You are now a part of me
    And now me is a part of thee
    A love by any other name
    Is just us to the one I love
    I am now and always
    Forever yours

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