I love her more than anything

she is always there with me

I want to eat her

I want her to exist forever


She is soft

never lets me go

 smiles when i say hello.

She is better than anyone

She is blonde

small and never wears panties


She has love written down

On her mind

Forgiving, complete


When I think of her

My heart elates

My mind clears

My chest throbs


I met her 22 years ago

She is my love

The one I want most

The star in the firmament

The weekend soaked


I feel her kiss me

her lips and her tongue

her soft breast and her moist bum

I undress her, and also dress her

Feel her body, laced in my arms

Her tongue in my mouth

her legs wrapped around


She is infinity

she is so soft

her mind is an ocean

of the purest love



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