Re: affairs and the like

God, I’ve been wanting to write this since ….. Jesus was a Savior. OK, let me compose myself… yes… there we go…. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!!!! Ok. that is what is was. I mean hosnestly after MY wife, MY last girlfriend, being in a realtionship with a half blind organist married to a kinky sully fledged doctor, a gay guy with literally a schedule for Valentine’s day that included MY dixk and every 15mns 2  or 3 more. Do you think I’m phased.

 I’m glad, glad for us, cause the more you do it, the more I love you, I died there a minute. Yeah, so really, you can do shit and Daddy is Hoop-Pallam-Loopkum. I thought it might affect our spiritual life ( this kills me to write, like I’m 12) but it doesn’t. If I could fuck I probably would, though I don’t know HWY, it sort of disgusts me.

 You are a young artist, you need all this stuff, and I want to encourage you. Could you though PROMISE me that when you have your reversal fallopian tube job, that u only fuck with condoms, apart from me, this very issue broke my last relationship when she was pregnant with my mate.

m   Can you tell me that now please.


5 thoughts on “Re: affairs and the like

  1. i don’t dat fuck with rubber condom shit. Like it or shhhhh. Gotz to feeel real sausage between them thighs. Like in Oscar Meyer Wiener. Ballpark size. Cut to dat cheese.

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