Like other

This post will be highly traceable for anyone I know in my last lifetime. Was published privately. 500 pressed, I hope few still around. 44 sonnets on ideal grace., If you want a copy get in touch. But i doubt it. so stodgy and full of myself and my beliefs was I then  but I’m throwing it out, like a call, to who, I don’t know now. It’s my own call. There is a girl I love and she thinks better of it all. She has me call numbers in the US, not that I mind in the least talking to someone I’ve spent night after night talking to on IM. It’s caryzy loving someone so much and not being able to make it meet. I don’t mind. I will hold your hand. I won’t shame you. I think my story has been round the block a few times. There are no public secrets for me. God knows why the sun hasn’t bothered. Just because I’m not famous, thank God. I’ve done all this to develop my soul. I’ve know charming people, REALLY charming,charm the knees off the bees. They offered me EVERYTHING, to live with them, to doss and create with them, but this little lost Soul somehow either never got the messages, or got them late, when it was too late. Now, and he knows, I am in love with you, and he’s ok with that, because I live through my experiences, I am the needle




( when I wrote this I was not in love. But it suits us now I think, so maybe I wrote it for you back then)


I give my heart to you, like other

Possessed prior by me alone, now yours

Fondly in wansome grace of principal

And trust, that you may wear it on your heart.


Therefore it graces you, humbly in store

And wholly, bowing to your own radiance,

Always sure and in fair subject taken:

Devoted to your image in my breast.


I would feed my love with a higher truth,

Consume misdeeds, lay in pain to calm you,

See you in regent calm surrendered still.


The ivory tower that stands for truth

Lowers its parapet at sight of you:

Guards let you pass, as clouds, let pass the sun.


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