You are so great! You have Unity, Infinity, Universal Consciousness, and then you are not satisfied with that but go looking for MORE. You are the gladiator of the stars, the helmsman of black holes, inversing them and making them whole. You’s amazeballs. I never did nofink like that. Not even on acid or in schools of the mind… never. I don’t know why people believe in love so much when they can have ALL THAT.

 Can we do some of that, promise, you won’t think I’m a ning-nong?


 Cause meezz not so so simple, can explain: have been trained by highest master living on earth, he angel, had many experience, working on consciousness over 30 years, no fear, have many friends now, could be gurus but no, just normal people. Do I join in? Yes. meez simple Mommy. not enlightened, or all-encompoassing, just want Mommy.


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