My lady is easy

My lady is easy

We walk parkside, i feel her shoulder, we talk , I tell her to look at the flowers, for every moment there is an explanation. Then we go have bagels and locks on 26th and come back to the aquarium to look at the fishes. I love her, no harm will come to her , she is my girl. Then she looks at me with a glint in her eye. “Unbutton my shirt”I oblige, there she is, my lover, in full, not so very permanent disguise,.


One thought on “My lady is easy

  1. I will never tire
    of looking at her
    Or kissing her
    Pussy whipped
    Is thy middle name
    Yeah I know. It’s okay
    I don’t mind
    This is the Dark Side
    Sign me up.
    Don’t be surprised
    If I start skipping
    Down the street singing
    She makes me that happy

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