rust me, those guys are alright

OY! Listen. Will you stop fucking worrying. You think he’s the enemy bullshit. What are you ON? He is with us on this. He knows how much I love you. He’s not going to whatever you think he’s going to do that he’s never done.

 You read too much into The Sun, when I thought you were a FT Weekend sort of catnip in my lap . COME ON. Forget it. He’s WAY OK. Better than most I can tell, BY FAR. And he understands. He understands US for one, and he is not a big-headed bullfrog that loves himself…. no… he hates himself more than anyone; he’s just a bit braver than most and can handle it.

 He’s no routine Babedas girl. He will not ‘rock’anyone’s world cause he wants to impress. I have spent time and can truly say: he is himself.

  So Catnip. Shhh. You don’t know what you’re on about. It does not make me love you less at all. Trust me Katie, you will not get in harms way because of them. Not through them trying to take me away from you, through drugs, music, or electricity, they know me like a brother. I haven’t been very good to them lately because I’m in another step, trying to mend, and I take everythign with me. You and them.

            I’m not a leave your bags at the side of the road type of guy.

                       But you don’t have to worry, one little bit. You’re my girl and they know and respect it.

                                  Willy the Bicky


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