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  1. Whisper sweet words
    And say your all mine
    And that if you could
    You would stop time

    You kiss me softly
    And say “I love you”
    I never have to question
    If what you say is true

    All the little things you do
    Make my heart soar
    I can feel your warmth
    Down in my very core

    You don’t know why I make a fuss
    Whenever you call me your girl
    But to a girl that’s never been anyone’s
    It means more then the world

    I know I’ll never leave you
    Trust me when I tell you this
    I’ll never let go of
    Your sweet sweet kiss.

    1. You make me cry
      a man hardened
      a man that had hardly ever cried before
      a soldier
      so used to tough
      he forgot what is was
      to truly be in love

      you are mine
      and I am yours

      and we love
      and to have you
      as mine
      means so much
      it means everything to me
      and if I could stop time and just say to you
      “Baby, I love you’ I would
      But I don’t want to

      I want us to live and become bonded
      never leave
      always be there for each other
      through thick and thin
      to love
      to swim
      to jolt
      to spare
      every ounce
      of energy
      we can bear

      to make our love

      I want you so much
      I want you to be mine
      I want to kiss you
      eat you
      I want you to be my wife
      I want you to be my life

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