Difficult forgiving if you don’t know what to forgive.

I see you just teary

Asking for forgiveness

I have extended all my trust

YOu can tell me anything

There are things I have forgiven

Without clearly knowing what they were

Just spumy drifts that I’ve caught

Consoled and released


But you ask to be forgiven

Surely  there is a time for release

There is understand

We are firends that can say things

and have enough not to crumble

Trust is not trust in me

It’s trust in us

If there is something that is troubling you

So much

Treat it like a candid child

Just a supposition you got wrong

Don’t let it eat at us

There is no reason

What about us?


2 thoughts on “Difficult forgiving if you don’t know what to forgive.

  1. The us is a constant and never changing. The thing is when you truly love someone, agape, beyond the kind of love you ever known. It is a kind of love that goes beyond the physical, a sweet love of original form, it is a love of forgiveness and to be always forgiving.

    1. Of course my baby little darling, their is nothing to forgive really. If you feel you need to be forgiven then I forgive you. I don’t want to see you being mawled by remorse when you have done nothing against your instincts or nature, that would not be fair. It’s all fine. Rest now baby owl, and Daddy is never far from you. It’s all fine now. It is such a love that leads to us. We are blessed and we have to compromise and be completely understanding. God has blessed you my Darling. I love you.

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