It feels awkward being here without you

More than usual

You’re absence is become very difficult

Because you’re with me every moment in my heart


I yearn, suffer, I am longing


the pain is agonizing

I have given-up hope

for feeling


it is now. this. is Us.

We must seize it,

So many glorious moments we have spent

They are all in my memory

Bound fast

So that I may recll

Forever what I’m missing

Not to be with you




3 thoughts on “Awkward

  1. My master
    I would deny you
    If you asked
    To be your mistress

    Tie this rope
    Around my wrists
    If you asked
    I would not move

    The pain subsides
    Sweat on my skin
    I bite my lip, I bleed
    To keep my cries in
    If you asked
    I’d cry out for you.

    I fall into darkness,
    With your hands
    Around my throat
    Take me, gag me

    If you asked
    I would do anything
    For you.

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