Sarte et Beauvoir


Such a perfect couple. intelligent, talented, savvy, romantic, non-conformist, artists that encapsulated an era, both defining the beginnings of their fields of study and both fantastically gifted writers.

They didn’t treat their love jealously, they were very free. For them the world was an “infinite analytical space”, so they had nowhere to hide from each other. They had immense maturity in their relationship, able to put things forth to each other, analyse the infinite mutations of their love with the tranquility of an ebbing river.
They played mind games with others, but not between themselves, for they had a telepathic relationship, and knew straight away what the other was feeling or thinking, so any games of that sort were lost on them. They were completely open with each other, and that is certainly the key to their succes in life as well as as a couple.
The aspect of chivalry between them was purely of the mind, awaiting the blooming of each others’ moments of absolute clarity. They would tend to each other for that, and there was no self-pity pandering about either of them.
They both had affairs and rumour has it they shared younger girls, but that was never a block, rather they overlooked jealousy to conform to the natural instincts of their bodies. When either of them needed something from the other they would state it in clearest terms, they had that much trust not just in each other, but also their path, they put everything on the table, risked everything.
Perhaps it takes a certain type of courage to do that, to put oneself in a position of vulnerability on purpose almost, risking the very thing you love because it is the only way to move forwards.


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