970306_584893611543583_256670011_nIt breaks my heart really, people thinking they are being ‘Challenging’? And then *wink*, I mean you know that face on a woman when they think they are being so clever, with that smug satisfied, ‘I’m so clever’ grin of utter manipulative vanity.

Just to put you in the picture a bit. I have a Heroin addict brother, perhaps got out of it now but still completely amoral. never calls my Mum except when he needs money, all excuses bogus, AND WE ALL KNOW. he’s cried wolf so many times no-one believes him now. ANyway he always lies, ALWAYS. He says he’s spent money on stuff other members of the family have paid for and behind their backs asks other members for more cash pretending he paid for what the others paid for. NOT the most wise thing to do, or the finest calculation ever, because we do speak between family members. Then he bursts into tears when confronted. It’s all SO OLD>

What is gut-wrenching about it is not the fact that he’s gone and squandered the money, that is replaceable somehow or given time. What is irreplaceable is the trust lost. Also, it is harrowing to have to play the role of an angry school teacher and confront him, time after time. We have better things to put our time into. It’s insulting.

And we just have to play along in this travesty with him. By lying he is putting us in the position of ‘playing the role’of someone who is completely stupid, wool on the eyes. It’s hard and demeaning and UNINTERESTING to have to be playing that role, when you know full well, and he then gloats around on his high horse feeling like he’s completely got you… NO! We are finally dealing with this with him after so many years of anguish and abuse from him. For it IS emotional abuse to put someone in such a vile and disrespected role and think you are lording it over their cretinity when they are knowing victims.

So coming back to women who think they are being so hard to get and ‘Challenging’ and making you get your knickers in a twist, it’s the same thing. We know what the deal is, you haven’t fooled us IN THE LEAST. We’re seeing RIGHT THROUGH YOU, when you have that ridiculous self-absorbed grin on your faces. It is demeaning to you. It does not speak volumes about your intelligence, sensitivity  or know-how.


2 thoughts on “Challenging?

    1. I understand. I understand. it is probably not entirely a slight at you. You just have to put yourself in the other person’s shoes sometimes, like I do with you. That is why I’m not upset. it’s just grating sometimes to have a carrot dangled in front of one’s nose and not be given any sort of real confirmation, not for the confirmation itself, which is OK, since anyway I know we have what we have, but there are consequences to this decision. They need to be clearly dealt with. It is painful to have to go back and forth, especially at work where in my field a commitment is paramount.

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