Areading between the lines

A love is many things. We have found it, that is for sure. I occasionally see forlorn posts on blogs that remind me of you. It used to make me sad but not now because I understand what you are feeling. The passion you are yearning for that perhaps was more in the beginning, you feel like you lost that beginning in yourself and you’re a bit confused, thinking it is your fault.

 It is not your fault, steadily we are building a relationship around us that will face all sorts of tribulations joys, events. There is a part of our relationship that will be just ‘normal’. 2 people that are friends dealing with issues in the most efficient way they know. Within that will be the flame of love, burning, sometimes with incredible intensity, sometimes just resting. When we’re away from each other we feel it all the time, I do. I have not left your side a single moment today. It is not even something I can control; as I like saying ‘there’s no frickin’stop button on this thing!’ ( that’s the rapper inside me coming out)

 Our love is a project, as dumb-ass as that sounds, that includes a life path, a path to the stars. As that sort of person I occasionally have to deal with other stuff too, and recently I have found someone that knows exactly, has the same gifts, so I can honestly say that I’m becoming better, can actually do more because I’m not ground down by my own horror-story, which you have gently lifted from my heart.

 I hold this very dear, I have never had this before, it is probably a once in a lifetime connection. I don’t want you to think everytime perhaps I’m knackered or recovering or tired that we’re off. Our beautiful relationship has to encompass all of us. I love you. This is the type of conversation lover’s have, because they help each other in every way.


         I love you my little fairy princess.



One thought on “Areading between the lines

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    As the first thrill, he took her by the hand and led her there. Excited and very high, she followed Him. First it was kind of strange, giving him only tasting him, then taking only a few reams of her tongue, and finally accepting only a brief period she gave herself of breast and love. In fact, if his hard cock and tortured desire had not binded him, he would’ve been asking all sorts of questions. All he could think of, instead, was we are going to do it he said.
    Right here on the rug. She stopped dropped to her knees and took him, finishing him right the middle of the floor.

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