Penelope of the ways

Lucky you sweets, that I set a year timescale to this, compressing ten into 1 and even now I think it will be less because we will cut Odysseus’ journey short by 7. He has been a good boy, and you a very good girl, He is Proud of you, really, no smirking, inside jokes or whatever, you did your man completely proud. You never have to feel like it was not there, because all along, two rife Souls trod upon glass, hot coals, deformed themselves to become one; and when they did, all Hell broke loose, in a good way.


One thought on “Penelope of the ways

  1. Alll he knew is that she exuded the sexuality. She was good-looking enough, but there was something extremely vulnerable about her, her soft skin, the way her clothes clung to her rounded body, the haunted apprehensive look in her eyes as if she expected strong male hands to seize her any moment. Her stance, her walk, her awareness of her silken, feminine body told the world she was a creature of rare sexuality and he knew it. She knew it, but there it was just waiting for the right D/ to take it from her.

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