Kitty__ i love your dance
i love you….still sobbing

have you not eaten yet,
come let me fill this thirsting of your soul
bread from heaven
feed you and fill you
lift you and thrill you
bread of heaven
fill until you want no more
and you shall want no more
feed you till you want no more

by the way,,,do i call your Sir?

Sir__ Yes, you may call me Sir. How should I call you my love? Baby, babes, honey, angel, my girl, Kitty, C. ( my favorite name), ?
Kitty__ Sir , i like everything you call me. mmm

Sir__ Kitty/ Kittie then it is…

Kitty__ you can name me
i just said kitty cat the other day just for fun.
my name Sir calls me little one or slut or Little M

Sir__ You Obey. Otherwise I will come down on you like ton of ladrillos. You will not know happen or not. Master attentive to you. Master know you and want pleasure from inside. Your mind is my pussy.

Kitty__ Yes Sir. thank you Sir

Sir__ You happy yes? You my little kitty, my lovely kitty, my kitty do worse, my kitty comp-kins, my kitty Pacquita, Nieves, Paloma, Palomita,. But Kitty always, Now you are Kitty. I love you Kitty. You are my Kitty

I buy many clothes pegs today. Wooden ones that clasp very tight.
We will wait, I am not scared any more. Trust in Fate give me that. Today big day, contradictions melt and become one. I never think would happen. You part of my life, so exciting, I don’t know why.
We go to bed later, I think of you on my pillow and love you and tell you stories Ok?

Kitty__ oooooooowwwwwwwweeeeeee so hot! so hot! heheheheheh so hot yeah baby

shake it na na na na na na na shake shake shake shake


One thought on “Kitty

  1. To hear the wind
    As it whispers to me
    To Feel his soft breath
    Up against my skin
    As he slowly kisses me
    gently again
    He soothes my soul;
    My inner self
    As he plays with kitten
    I listen to his sweet melody
    Play me again.

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