What they’ve told me about myself



We’ll always see to you

We’ll freak you out

We’ll lie to you


because we’re invisible

You can’t exactly get back at us

You need us

So you’re not going to flake

Some people here need you

Your friends, your lover

You may try to sing or write

You will never get famous

That’s not the point

If we want you to be famous

look at your friend

Who’s gone through a lot of the same shit

Happy? Maybe a little bit Delivery

So don’t bring your shit up on us

Even though you can write what you write here

Because your fucked-up conscience isn’t getting in the way

Because when we say shh you’re treating it

Like we’re manipulating you again

You love her?

You want her around

You think that this is good

Then fine

We’ve done our bit

And we still will

It’s not through marriage

that you’ll get sloppy

and all this time

do you think we’ve been doing this

just to put you on a stick to dry?

Take your kicks

And don’t come crying

When it will all go so well

And we know who she is

And that she is blessed

And that we’re pulling your leg half the time

(she doesn’t do your stuff, she wants concrete evidence. Show her then.)


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