Enough thinking I’m a complete dickhead

Hold us back if you want to

Your mindless

Ingrowing games

Don’t work

I star thinking

Your not worth

As much as I thought

Lose respect

For someone

Are you thick?

Should I even say this?

You don’t exhibit great knowing

Of the human brain

You’re farily stuck on convention

That died-out with the second throws

Of puberty

Maybe you haven’t had enough sex

You’re a bit scared, hapless

Pretending, something or other

Stuff you have no idea about.

But don’t get in the way

Some people don’t give a shit about sex

Becasuse it’s a thing they’ve done

Sub/ Dom you joking

What about the spirit of man

I thought I could count on you

that you were THAT wild

but I don’t know now

You are like the shadow of a paraphrase

Of a woman I once know,

So fresh and full of herself.


I don’t need bulging clits

Massive boobs

Weird people trying to cover-up their lame lacunes

In their sexuality

I am a man

I’ve done what a fuck-up experimental had to do

Not to get beguiled by such low power thrusts

Really babes, if you read this,

I don’t know what to do.

Is it hopeless, prove me wrong, we don’t have longImage


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