It took Tumblr to make it tumble out

Just a fleeting image, a messageImage

In that fast world of re-posting


His ‘sorry’ to an explanation

Of what he did

Of all the reasons behind his actions

Of his love, and also his guilt

None of this was her fault

It’s all as he intended


First they fell in love

Then she vowed to him

He thought, why not

And made it all up to her


And he still doesn’t know what is going on

Surrendered as he is to subtleties


“Let not the left hand know what the right hand does”

Is about as far as it goes.

He used her for his purposes

If seen at first degree

This is cowardly

Obscene immorality

But he loved her, and still does

So how far can you blame him

For doing it the only way he could

Or behind the reason, was there another lurking

The first a cover-up for a better, nobler vision

That only this level of strife could expound?

He loves her, he will now do anything for her

He is sorry for the hurt

And he hurt himself too

But that doesn’t matter

The Soul is anew

And both have got through

Surely that says a lot

For his scheme and his plot

And how surprised he was  to find the actor

Playing two roles one above the other

But the one has cracked now

So what is left… holds


3 thoughts on “It took Tumblr to make it tumble out

  1. Reblogged this on Master's Slave and commented:
    Alors profite bien de ces moments jusqu’au bout, c’est magnifique et inoubliable Et le mien, quand il ne bouge pas, il suffit que je caresse mon ventre pour qu’il me réponde je trouve ça tellement émouvant de sentir un petit être à l’intérieur de soi, pousser.

  2. Merci, tu me fais sourire cette confession un peu douleureuse et lourde. Quel sentier avons-nous pris? Un sentier tellement vague, sauvage et beau à la fois que je n’oublierai jamais notre épopée; pour en arriver ici, à un amour encore plus franc. Je t’aime.

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