New watch

New watch

Having completely forgotten about this watch, that I’d bought wonks ago, it came in the post this morning. It makes me think of you because I bought it during our time, when were at our worst. Also I bought it, now I remember, because I thought you’d like it, like the colours and its retro but almost modern feel.
The worst seems like the best now. Those times when we first fused our synapses together, the one to the other in the bleak and infinite dark space that we reclaimed.

What has that got to do with this watch? It’s just a little reminder. The watch I bought on a whim, but I never bought you, you just came with me, unbidden, recognizing in me something. I don’t exactly know what; a brother, a lover, a friend, a companion. You have all that now anyway, if you still want.
We have the perfect relationship, it’s completely dysfunctional in the real world, it’s isolated, bare, and can survive anything, any world, any mistake, because it’s just us.


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