The place of our love we keep

I love you. I couldn’t stop myself,
You’re to me what everyone else is to themselves
Except that for us, that’s not enough
By a long shot, since we’ve shared
Our life, our love, our anguish despair
We’ve learned a lot, and loved much more
Dreaming on each other
Hugging in utter breach of knowing
That we had to go beyond the other
To meet, and we even threw that in the mix
Unwittingly we did, through actions
That we did, we turned around the other side
Hello there! Hello you.
Did you turn around too? (smiling)
I think I know you
I know you!

We hug, wanton lovers and wayfarers
United again, at last I can touch you
Smell your hair, put my hand on your skin
Your soft skin and rub the tip of your breasts
Whilst I kiss you, it’s just one caress really
That all the rest blend into
One day that all others arrive at
One love, for all our loves to die at
Phoenix children spawn

“You’re still holding me baby!”
“I know, I can’t let go”
“I love you”
“You know well
How to tell
What we both knew well
Pray do tell,
Do you love me?

“Yes, so well,
and I’m well with you
inside I feel a
I’m still holding you”

We separate look at each other
Across the room
With nowhere else to go
It’s just the two of us
We get a drink
Have a smoke

Dilute again under an envelope
And sigh to the night
It’s weird feeling grown-up
With someone you love
Almost separate whilst in love
Two individuals
With the same Fate

That separateness, it’s just pretense
Mine mainly, you’ve spotted that
It just took me a while longer
To not believe my own constructs

And when I don’t it is much clearer
That we’re together me and you.


One thought on “The place of our love we keep

  1. Emotions flow
    Like water through a stream
    Their paths cross
    Like in their dreams

    After the dance of love
    They lay
    Earlier today

    Another compliment passed
    Another passionate embrace
    A blush lashed itself upon
    Every glance and face

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