My darling little girl that I love so fucking hard

I just put the picture of my dick erect for you, longing for you in public on this blog. Thick, long, just wanting to push past your wet pussy hole and fill you. I want to put my whole shaft in you, make you buck and then dance around.

I know you are mine, I relish every thought of your submission. I want to break you, to fuck you so hard that when you’re lying on the floor I can beat you, pounce on you and fill your arse with my dangerous beast that I’ ll let wild upon.

I want every atom every notion every thought that you behold, I will keep you so close that you will gasp for air, pull my hair as I will kiss you and you writhe in my hands. I will push up into you so hard that you will flail as I smack your ass, pull you by the hair and bite your lip to the blood. I will make a beast of you that pisses on command, masturbates in front of me as I hold cards up with scores for how far you have squirted, And if not far enough, you will receive a terrible beating. “In the bath!” you go downtrodden, your panties broken hanging off your hips , halfway up your pussy, Ophelia’s hair looked tidy compared to yours, as you beg a look from underneath your newly cut bangs that I already came within,

“Lie down!” you lie down. Open your mouth. you dare not disagree, shaking. I straddle you and my half erect penis hanging, loose thick and warm, I look at you in the eyes as I prepare to piss on you, serious, you breathe harder, I start defecating on your stomach as you touch my shit coming out midwife to your own ecstacy, as you wrench it out and rub it all over your pussy, my piss drips out and a sudden flow erupts and hits you in the forehead, I back down into your eyes your nose, you flinch and shove it in your mouth, as you gag your eyes so pleading as you swallow and swallow and puke. I take your neck and tell you to have a shit, you know better than to resist. You push with a squeel, I push my hand up a little tighter push my fingers up into your pussy  and spread it wide with my four fingers, clawing your G pot to make you writhe and spit on your face and tell you “you’re mine, now shit yourself, you big fucking baby”. You push harder your mouth distended as I can’t resist the kiss , snog you, want you, my dick erecting and pushing against your tits. As we make-out your shit comes through, you shit yourself in the bath spreading your faeces  over the whiteness of the enamel, the smell comes up and we drift into reveries of infancy and helplessness.

I take your shit and spread it on your body your clit I rub with your vileness, wipe your tits as you boak and try to tell me to stop . i’m wanking myself with your arse cum, the little bits catching my foreskin as I moan, and swipe you for speaking with my hard cock across your mouth. You start bleeding as it caught your tooth, so I come down and suck it to soothe you.

I realize that you are here for me, that I want you and love you so fucking hard, descend on our bodies, our shit caught underneath, and push my penis into your swollen pussy, as we rub our excrement, and kiss each other  I  ask you to put your fingers in your ass and mine at the same time,, your head banging against the side of the bath, I make myself puke all over you and we kiss again, cumming to the salt of our sex and all that we can give, I just fucking want you, and everything that you will.

We came so hard that night that for a week we had soft tender hard sex, you never knew that fisting would turn you on so hard…

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