Our first fuck in about 6 months

I’m feeling so relaxed and good. I sort of feel like having sex, and not at the same time. I heard you call, uhm. Yes, I would if your naughty body was here. Instead I just asked you to come near to me and rest your head on my shoulder in bed as we look at Chanel products on the laptop. Your hair in my face and neck, your lovely skin than does not evade a kiss, as you jolt a bit  and look at me half thinking that I may be ‘up to something’. But I’m not. You look at me with your big blue green gold eyes and your full red lip slightly open with a smile, a cheeky and happy smile, and I take my other arm, the one not around your shoulder and pull your face in closer to kiss you on the lips.

I love kissing you. You close your eyes and I can see your eyelashes, blondish, quivering as I draw you in nearer and we come in and out of several kisses and you open your eyes intermittently and I guess your beautiful smile in the corner of my vision. Your body shifts to your side so that we can hug each other and my arms wrap around your back, so small and comforting in your red woolen jumper polo neck that makes your hair look so pale. My hands grips the wool and our mouths open and we kiss again.


It’s all so soft, so gentle. I want us to stay there forever. I can feel your boobs in your tight bra, one that I like, that’s silver with taupe lace. It’s quite ‘hard’ but I like it rubbing on my chest, and I can feel both your boobs one across each side of my ribcage. My hands furtively go under the jumper and feel the cool flesh of your back, in my mind I can see every mole and beauty spot as my hands race over your skin. The sallow in your back is entrancing and I feel all the way up your spine all the while embracing you tighter as we kiss.

The clasp of your bra is metallic and it is a left handed-clasp, so I get my right hand to undo it. I feel all the pressure release on your boobs as the bra falls lower and the straps slide a little off your shoulder. My left hand goes around and touches, filling my hand like a lotus bud. I can feel the tip like a stylus, or the back of a pear or its stem, it seems to want more, your whole breast  gentle and bringing me an exciting peace. You’re emitting little uhms and I want to go further encouraged by your movements.

You help take of your big red sweater over your head, your hair tussled, as you look at me with a funny grin, your bra askew showing just one nipple. I take the bra down the other side and you look at me a bit with wide eyes wondering what I’m going to do. They look beautiful just sitting there impassive but full of the glow of expectancy. I take them in my hands and my face goes into the middle of them breathing in your day’s scent that I so treasure. My tongue licks your salt from the surface and tiny little blonde hairs play, following its gentle sliding course , under your breasts where there are still marks from the wire of the bra, those tender marks of support that have shifted twice during the day’s wears, lick them tenderly to mend and relieve. I push your breast up with my palm and underneath I can smell cotton and sweat like a sandy day, some little tiny grits that play on my path and roll along your skin. My tongue slides up to your nipple, just around the edge the aureole, with its braille bumps for my blind tongue to read as around in a circle I turn on its record of subliminal sounds. Around in concentric circles till I get to the nipple, it’s hard edges the welcome rebuttal. On top, I can feel the little cross cut where the milk would come out and bring my teeth gently down on the elongated upright form slightly crunching and narrowing it so that it bulges on top. Sucking it  I can take my saliva back but also your maternal smell that spreads in my mouth in a milky stream of premonition. I push my head further and squash the body of your breast to flatten it on your chest.

 Your hands are like devils, foraging through my hair and making statues to the wind; your pelvis is rocking a bit and your little moans are ringing from above the top of my head.

 I can feel your loins through your sweatpants, churning, my hand goes into the back of them and feels your bum, and goes  into the top of the crack, sliding down the channel. I part them a  bit as I reach near the axis and I can nearly hear the parting. They separate and the air goes through the top  of the tracksuit  and cools your hole, that beige little ring in between two  cheeks just making itself known. Your tits in my face,  my finger goes onto the hole and caresses it, and I can feel the warm  sticky phase as my finger rubs across it, and you contract it and let it out again, the little folds concentrically contracting too. I jump across  and start feeling in between your pussy and your butt then my fingers go further down and just get wet where your lips have opened already and i glide over  to feel your lips in their soft mounds, trembling a bit as I cup you whole pelvis with my hand. It’s still enfolded, in a state of giddy innocent readiness.

You push me over, nonchalantly close my laptop and throw it down to the other side of the bed and take your hands across my belt to loosen it. My hips are already bucking as I look through my slanted eyes at your body, your breasts, your hair. We haven’t made love in  6 months, I’ m just back from Afghanistan, and here is my precious little girl giving me care. You undo  the waist and then the button fly, my cock is already rock hard and there’s a patch darker than the rest on my blue jeans.  You push your hand down and grab my balls and stretch the fabric of my pants to that the tip of my dick pokes out glistening with pre-cum. Your hair falls about as you look at me before going down and kissing around my belly teasing my  rising  call to you. Licking me pushing it aside to go into the navel with the tip of your tongue it bashes into your hair and I can feel it on your ear.  With your opposite hand you gently take it underneath  just  caressing and put it in your mouth and ply your hand down the shaft.

 I look for your pussy ( this is really long foreplay my god!) do you mind I m just going to roll a fag. Commercial break xxx but I’m really up for this uhm, the pre-cum wasn’t a figment  . ther that’;s better. Cold coffee too.

  You still have your panties on and they are bunched up in the middle, so I part your leg and put it around my head and I can just see the lips stretching out beyond the side. I start licking between your inner thigh and can smell that sweet salty emanation as i lick it.  I move closer in and part your panty crotch to reveal your pink, already quite wet pussy, it’s lip semi-open gapingly, your clit well hidden and bulging under its hood,  the slight movement in your walls as my tongue approaches  your restive full fold. I start licking you in the center gleaning all the juices as you back your hips up my; nose goes into your bum as my tongue races up into you and laps you up , almost relieving you of you,  the essence coming out of your vulva. I take both lips into my mouth and pucker them a bit  pulling them  out and releasing them out and see you glistening.


You climb up onto me  and slide down my front your boobs going over my face, I want to look at you. My girl, kiss you take you under the armpits to lower you so that we can see each other smiling. I look at you and kiss your mouth. Finally we are here, nearly naked, just a few remnants on our ankles hanging, you boobs against my beating chest I hold you there and you put your head on my shoulder, I turn to kiss you and we roll, and I’m on top of you, I feel your hip bones on my thighs then on my stomach and remember all our nights together. I just want to kiss you there, take my possessiveness to you for our moment of bliss and never let you go. You look up at me seriously, part your legs slightly and my erect cock goes in between your thighs and comes to rest on the entrance of your wet lips and hole. You look at me again, almost as if you are asking me something, and I acquiesce. I love you. I kiss you on the lips. You breathe in and take my shaft and place it in between you, just at that point where we can feel a sort of electricity shooting, the unfamiliar yet … the moment you buck forwards I push a bit and your walls are so narrow that I barely get in. You moan a sort of distant near-complaint of pleasure and double enjoyment for the next push. I look underneath down your belly and see us there, your legs parted and my shaft nearly in, it’s so beautiful. I push more and my head enters with a squeeze and slowly I push it all in up into you. It’s heaven, the feeling. I’m inside you, your warm pussy walls, I can feel all the surfaces smooth on top and to the sides,  the bend at the bottom. We look at each other again and we are completely changed, the instinct is of a new adventure in  secureness, in the sort of loneliness of union that we understand even more fully now. The commitment changing and leaving all the silliness behind; we know now and we were just waiting. We kiss again delicately like new cats in the dark, just pecking each other in a new bliss not saying anything. I pick up your lip let it go  you delicately pull mine and give a little nibble.  We hug more tightly and move into each other. Your thighs move up and allow me to penetrate you deeper. I  take your thighs and push them down so that my pubis is up against your pelvis, and you’re gaping as much, my shaft all the way up into you near the ball of your cervix that i pass underneath of, that I tickle with my head,  your juices squishing out of the sides of your mound. It feels so good, so warm, yet there is also a seriousness about the act, the unequivocal sensation of what is about to happen. An apogee of union that only distant love of the Soul can replicate anywhere near. We start going a little faster, you are so wet it makes the base cold as I come out the air evaporating the juices. Really I just want to stay at this point, we move slowly, my head clinching your exit and coming back in to re-feel the squeeze the entry the yearning completed every time, a little patch on the sheet already testifying.

 I put you on your front and open your legs look at your pussy and all gentle and expecting. I kneel in front of your arse and pull aside the cheeks, look at the button, connected, and push my erection down so that the head in near your pussy. I pull your legs out even more and it slowly comes open, and push it in from the top so that I see it dilating over and around my bone, the head sinking suddenly into you, as you gasp it is only half in. I move you over and bring your legs over mine, and pull you all the way in, you squish again, droplets releasing down the side and jumping over,  drops converging into silky pearls. I push you in further, you are all the way down to my balls that knock into your mound and your clit is over and you hump it up to caress it on my scrotum.  You look around in definite engaged excitement and we pummel faster and rhythmic sounds of biding come out of both of us. We are going so fast. I put you onto your knees and straighten-up. I can feel your tits swinging, touch them in their parachute like stirring, filing past the dilated nipples that I brush as they come into my hands. I feel the whole of you, we are fucking (I’m  a bit wet and hard here in my jeans on my bed) , I want you and my shaft is gliding in and out of you I can feel you pushing now , your wetness spreading over me, I look at your back take your hips. I think we are in the dip before cumming. I take your shoulders and push you back so that your back arches. I can feel your cunt clasping on my dick as I really want you now.

You push me aside and put me on my back. You get on top and your lithe body wraps itself around. Your pussy scrapes my belly provocatively wetting it, plastering itself  on me so that I feel its moistness and your lips spreading. Your hands go back and lift my turgid cock and you slowly sit on me, going down and impaling yourself. I can see it, and look at you face in  enjoyment and slight pain as you rock all the way down caning your pussy on the rod.

I want you to come, no, we are so close.  I put you on your  back and mount you, lying on top of you as your legs go wider.  I see your tits and kiss them as you moan. Your body rises up and I kiss your mouth. You just let me take you in my arms and I bring you closer, you pussy now dilated completely and gaping the hole. I fall onto you and push it home up and into your channel. Your lips part and I feel your warmth I kiss you  we know we are going to be together really soon, you push down on me my shaft is going up  faster i want you you contract i take your neck in my hands  and pull your head up i can feel you squirming i lick your lips and your face  push harder  up  into you as you accept me and i go further  and you split even wider we ride faster and deeper you clit rubbing against me  i can feel a light over us  as we are approaching union i kiss your tits and lick your nipples  i can feel you your juices  i want you more don’t stop you come and straddle  pushing your hips down  and making your pussy swell over my cock’s base i can feel your arse in my hands opening  i part your cheeks you come down again i want your tits your pussy  i pull you down with my hips  so that you come down harder on my dick   i kiss and bite your tits you lie down on me   and kiss me you  want to resist but we are bucking and my dick is going ever deeper into you   as you buck   and we roll   i can feel you oh yes your pussy around me ,  oh yes you are panting


open your legs yes take both your hands and press them on your snatch and pull them apart take your fingers and rub them up and down your wet snatch umm, put a couple of fingers in. rub your clit  i want to 69  you put my dick in your mouth and lick your pussy oh yes, i can feel your wet pussy under my mouth as you lick my hard cock and spread your legs out more  let me take you from the top i am coming down on top of you  kiss me  show me your tits let me take you  let me take you my dick is rubbing against your pussy you take it and place it in i push and enter oh i want you  I am rocking on top of you i can feel your pussy part as i go forward and backwards  i want to fuck you harder  oh yes you’re so soft.


ok. ( nearly it’s a bit too hard to type and do this at the same time, I’ll have to continue without. xx_)


I can just see you in the dark of the distance between, it’s been a while and we are different,  more grown-up, more ourselves and a bit less each other, it takes even more nicer loving to take you, and fuck you to bliss. I want you, I can feel you urging as my dick aches into you, I just see your face and I know you exactly there. It’s you that I want and our cumming is nearly there to fulfill all of our wants and our grown love. I kiss you, lick your tits feel your butt hole and I feel you pressing harder against my cock, and all the time I see you and delight in knowing that you see me and want me. We are so hard in expectancy, we ride, you’re on your knees with your butt up in the air, your face crushed against the pillow, you hand searching flailing at your moist hole rubbing your whole pussy in the gentle rhythm that I’m also assuming as deeper and deeper we go searching always for the picture of the other’s face in knowledge of our full awareness of our sexual desire and love transmuted. I can feel your wetness and your pussy dilating, my cock nearly bursting as my hips buck up to reach you. Your pussy is in the heart of my thought as I pound you without seeing. Our want is exploding, red waves swirl around us, mixed with pale blue swirls, your mouth is gaping your eyes closing and you’re frowning in the pleasure of the pain of waiting for us. We are stretching, near our limit, a surge and we know that this is it  gasping ‘oh yes’ we ride further and want each other and push  and push again, the sperm is halfway up my shaft and your are tightening -up , the colours turn lighter, I take you grab you hold you look into your eyes as I’m coming and you’re coming too our mouths open and our face in the distortion of union and bliss, we come shuddering and waves upon waves of knowing give us unto the other and we release all of our wanting into each other, and know, just know that we’ve had such a great fuck and in a way feel so fulfilled, like we’re a couple that knows we deeply deeply want each other and have just gone to the edge of the abyss and have just seen such incredible lights of lust and love, completely together.



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