Come here

After a night sipping drinks you might need to have a pee. Don’t waste it. I’ll kiss you standing at the bathroom door put my hand down you knickers and feel your wet folds spreading  and you buck and kiss me more. I take your shirt off and get you naked on top, kissing your tits rubbing my hard dick against you, taking your gorgeous mounds in my hand and licking your chest and your neck.

Come here, in the bathroom, take your panties off… crouch on the tiled floor and spread your legs, let me get under and lick those spreading folds so that only your hole and the flatness of your pussy spread-out is visible. I love to lick that  carefully, gently pushing my tongue in your hole to taste you.

Start pissing as I lick you folds over and over again, push my tongue in your hole. You gasp you hesitate you don’t know how anymore. Push, piss all over my mouth, you concentrate, you can feel it coming, it’s like cumming a bit, yes, the first few drops, ummm, you gasp ; ah,  I put my fingers up inside you and caress you inside, it tickles you and makes you want to pee a bit more. Turn the tap on, the sound will make you want to more. You burst forth, a heavy warm golden jet spurts out of you with your long moan, I catch it all in my mouth and swallow , your screaming a little, you head kicks backs, you’re crying, you want me to drink it all.


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