What I’ll do to you

come here, my dick is just waiting for you, suck it,, harder, take it all in, just the tip, look at me, show me your tits, play with yourself under your panties, spread your knees as you’ re kneeling, finger yourself, put your panties to the side so I can see you thrusting up inside past your lips, i love hearing that frictive gushy sound,  rub your clit. Lie down, keep playing with yourself, spread your legs wide so I can see your pussy, let me finger you whilst you rub your tits, I can explore your gorgeous hole, flip my fingers up inside and massage your front wall, lick your bulging clit have it stick to my tongue, turn around and put my dick in your mouth whilst I eat you out. I love your nasty cum juices all over my face as you moan sucking my prick. Turn around and spread your legs wide, I want to push my rod deep inside you make you cum as you dilate and I can feel your love and thrusting inside I want to cum your arse bumping into my hips , I love just fucking you and feeling us together, so wanting, wanting more and more sex, just pure sex and we start saying things. Turn over I want to kiss you whilst I’m inside, see your eyes, hold you tight in my arms, put my tongue in your mouth as we can barely contend with what coming, as we fuck each other relentless feeling our love at the same time, feeling your cunt around my shaft moving and wetting, put your legs up so I can go deeper inside, we’re going to cum. arrr. Fuck me baby fuck me fuck me I I …


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